Blue Aerospace is proud to partner with QinetiQ North America, the largest manufacturer of fixed wing aircraft armor, to make available C-130 armor and services.

LAST® Armor is currently in use by over 20 C-130 operators worldwide, saving lives of flight crew from hostile small fire.

Patented Velcro armor is modular, lightweight, scalable, and provide adequate protection at the most venerable moments of take-offs & landings.

Standard armor system consists of cockpit, loadmaster, airborne troop door, LOX, and cargo floor. Various options & threat level system available.

Blue Aerospace holds large inventory of spares, including A-Kit, readily available for global C-130 operators.

Blue Aerospace also partner with QinetiQ North America to offer PADS system sale and aftermarket support.

PADS (Precision Airdrop System) ASonde enables aircrews to obtain in-situ weather information to assist with critical missions. For guided airdrop systems, the real-time data provided by the PADS ASonde allows mission planners to increase standoff distance and deliver cargo and personnel from higher altitudes with greater precision and safety than conventional methods. PADS was developed jointly with the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army, and designed to meet the demanding requirements of precision delivery of ballistic and guided cargo delivery systems.